There’s an App for Everything – Including Lovemarks

The team at Saatchi Pakistan are a creative breed. They have developed a Facebook app for Lovemarks that streams results from direct engagement. It enables anyone to test out a brand and get an honest account – so long as they’re honest of course – about how it impacts their emotions and their life. By running through a series of questions, the test is able to distinguish from the answers given whether someone views a brand as a product, fad, brand or lovemark. It’s all based on how a brand makes them feel. Do they respect it? Does it incite mystery, sensuality and intimacy?

The Saatchi Pakistan app is in its early stages, but already has over 500 responses and 233 brands evaluated. The results don’t paint the full picture just yet, but as more evaluations are logged on the same brands they will start to get a greater indication of the impact brands are having on people in different cultures and communities. What they really need now is for more people to be aware of the app and take it for a spin. It’s quick and easy. Get into it.

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