Revolution starts with language, and history shows it takes a lot of bravery to start a revolution.

Bravery and revolution aren’t words you’d usually associate with an energy company, but Enel, a long standing client of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, aren’t doing things the normal way. Head of Communications Gianluca Comin and his team have been challenging Saatchi & Saatchi Italy not to play it safe for some time now, and they’ve been true to their word by backing the #Guerrieri campaign.

The campaign shows a relentless succession of characters portrayed in the environment in which they live, work, study, and fight. In factories, offices, schools and supermarkets, the #GUERRIERI are caught in their daily moments where they fight their battles, as they struggle to build their present and their future.

The campaign is a celebration of the determination and fighting spirit of ordinary people, the Italians who do not give up despite the social and economic uncertainties. The online stage of the campaign – which was launched in late August – has a storytelling platform. Up until mid-October sourced everyday warrior stories on the site.

No strong idea gets away unscathed, and this brave and polarising campaign has generated an intense debate on social media. Enel haven’t been intimidated. Real warriors don’t back down.

Evidence of the revolution: The warrior stories of bravery are becoming episodes of a TV series called Infact Guerrieri. And language: ‘#Guerrieri’ is now becoming a slang term Italians are using.

Viva Italia!

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