There’s work that comes out of the Saatchi & Saatchi network that engages, enthrals and excites. And then there is the work that makes us cry. In the three years that Saatchi Italy has been working with CoorDown, Italy’s national organisation for people with down syndrome, they have created moving, heart-warming campaigns that promote the rights of people with the genetic disorder for World Down Syndrome Day.

This year is no different.

In February a woman wrote to CoorDown saying that she recently discovered her unborn baby has the genetic disorder and was scared, asking, “what kind of life will my child have?”

In response, Saatchi Italy filmed 15 people with down syndrome from all over Europe explaining to the future mother what life for her child would be like, that it would be filled with joys and challenges just like it would be for any mother, and that most importantly, her child would be happy and she would be too.

The theme of this year’s World Down Syndrome Day is Happiness and Wellbeing: Access and Equality for All. This campaign out of Saatchi Italy encapsulates the theme perfectly, while breaking down barriers of discrimination that people and families of those with down syndrome face every day.


Find out more about the campaign at, Coordown and The Daily Mail.

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