TIME Magazine recently revealed a sorry list detailing 10 ways to lose your friends. Being a relentless optimist, it is only right that someone draws up a counter list. So here is my response – a gender neutral guide to keeping and enhancing your friendships.

1. Reminisce – Talk about good times – the fun times, the glorious failures and the magnificent maybe’s. Best performed under the influence of a shared bottle of red.

2. Make time for new adventures. Doesn’t matter what or where. Get off the couch and create new moments to share and remember.

3. Be generous. With your time, mostly. Offer a hand when it’s needed, without being asked. No thank you’s required.

4. Share food. Nothing like a good meal to help nostalgia reign.

5. Seek advice. And don’t blame anyone if it doesn’t go to plan.

6. Be there. Even when you’re busy. Take the call. Answer the email or text. Send a photo.

7. Trust them. Tell them what’s happening in your life. What matters to you. What your hopes and dreams are.

8. Be honest. Call them out (gently) when they’re wrong. Show you care enough when it really matters.

9. Love. Put their needs ahead of yours. Show warmth and affection. Even the manly variety.

10. Never forget. You can’t make Old Friends.

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