When two different things come together and complement each other, art happens. Lennon and McCartney, Jobs and Ives, Fred and Ginger. With the Modern Art Cookbook, food and art come together in a wonderful, mysterious way that is, literally, a feast for the eyes.

From Cezanne to Warhol and everyone before, between, and since, the art world has a long-standing relationship with food. Whether subject or muse, food has been threaded through art history. The relationship might seem a bit one-sided, with art more often pouring its adoration into food, but the Modern Art Cookbook allows you to create food influenced by great works of the last two centuries.

Imagine partnering the works of artists like Mary Cassat and Gustav Klimt with the recipes of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo. What a fusion across time and place!

A similarly themed cookbook – but with a sweet tooth, Modern Art Desserts, uses images of food in art housed within the walls of SFMOMA to inspire culinary masterpieces. So you get Piet Mondrian cake and Henri Matisse’s Allan Stein parfait.

So the next time you plan a meal, get a bit inventive. Have a creative start to the day and make your own Rothko with toast at breakfast.

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