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We can look at emerging technologies and social behavior to get a sense for how things are set to develop. Skyscanner have done a Future of Travel report– and 2024 looks more Jetsons than ever.
The initial insights hint at a future very different from todays. It’s no surprise that it is heavily impacted by technology. Here a few things that we should expect:
  • Inspiration Will Come from Artificial Intelligence – Thinking about the ideal trip will be a breeze.  Thanks to the devices in our lives constantly learning about what we do and don’t like, they’ll be able to make suggestions on where we might want to go. We’ll be able to ask them questions about where to go based on our desire for cocktails on the beach, or cocktails in the snow, and it will recommend a destination based on real-world information.
  • Pre-Experience Through Virtual Reality – Want to really see what your room at the hotel in Bali will look like before you get there? Virtual reality headsets will show you. Plus with tactile technologies being developed by the likes of Disney, you will be able to feel your environment too.
  • E-Tour Guides – A wearable ‘E-agent’ will travel with us, letting us know about dining, adventure and hotel options based on our preferences. Walking around the Sofia in Istanbul, these agents will be able to tell us little facts that it thinks we’ll find interesting too.
  • Barrier Removed – Wearable technologies (and these technologies will make Google Glass look primitive) will also help to remove barriers like language when reading menus and ordering food.

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