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What is creativity? What inspires it? The beauty about creativity and inspiration, is that there is no definitive answer. You can’t demand one either. Ideas are a natural fusion of mind, soul and our environment. You can be inspired anywhere, by anyone or anything.

A striking new short film – created by the cultural diplomacy organization Liberatum founded by Indian-born impresario and festival curator Pablo Ganguli and presented by illy, an esteemed Saatchi & Saatchi client in Italy – shows creativity is built on individuality and so much is determined by our own state of mind. Directors Ganguli and Tomas Auksas have captured it perfectly, catching revelations from the minds of 20 creative heroes, including the likes of actor James Franco, artist Tracey Emin and composer Hans Zimmer. Here are some of my favourite quotes:

• The first thing the human being wants to do is create…it’s within all of us. You could argue the meaning of life is to create – Karim Rashid, architect & designer
• Most of us don’t know how to ask a question. Most of us don’t see the root of the word is quest. Most of us don’t have a quest in our life – Richard Saul Wurman, TED founder
• You go through your formative years at school where everyone’s trying to knock the creativity out of you. It takes some stubbornness for creativity to survive – Hans Zimmer, composer
• True creativity comes from restriction and limitation – Paul Schroder, screenwriter
• Poverty, humor, hunger, sex, death…Creativity is your spirit, your heart – Lee Daniels, writer, director, producer
• I like the idea of artists responding to the times they live in…All artists have to be slightly compulsive, or slightly delusional – Marilyn Minter, artist
• Actively seeking our relationships, conversations, nature; appreciating architecture; museums, music, dreams – Mark Romanek, filmmaker
• Almost always you’ll find happiness is about community – Moby, songwriter & musician
• All of those schools that promote creativity, I would like to ban you to some distant island. Why don’t you just paint, or make films, or sing, or play music – Jonas Mekas, filmmaker

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