Creating The Future With And/And

It’s amazing how And/And thinking is used to create new products and services in the Age of Now. The more disparate the elements, the more incredible the outcomes.

  • Fashion and technology: Now you can wear a jacket that lets me know your mood or how attracted you are to the person you’re talking too.
  • Printing and food: You can eat meat from a 3D printer or create a complete meal from a home appliance like the Foodini (though you will still have to cook your food as they haven’t yet created a print, food and cook function for the ultimate And/And/And experience).
  • Clothing and food: There are shirts made out of milk and buttons from dried leftovers – doesn’t sound very appetizing.
  • Present and past: How about real-time tweets from WW2 in 1942? An absolute contradiction but a brilliant way to educate people of important moments in history.
  • Individual and social: Well, that’s pretty much the premise of every social media platform that has been created in the past 20 years.

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Kevin Roberts

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