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Keep It Simple, Stupid. Or as Leonardo da Vinci said: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. This is what’s worth remembering when setting goals. The reason people often fail their goals is because they set targets that can’t be immediately realized, or don’t have achievement markers. Fat shredding is a good example. Not many people say to themselves: ‘I’m gonna drop 10 ounces this week’. It’s more like: ‘I want to lose 40 pounds this year!’.

Tiago Forte, a productivity coach (which we should add to our list of jobs created as a result of this Age of Now), makes quite a solid point: Set goals that are so simple, they’re laughable. He cites his own example of wanting to be able to do press ups. So he started with one. The next day he did two. And so on and so on. DOT (do one thing) and DAT (Do another Thing).

You can apply this to most things. Want to become a pilot? Read two pages each day from the Private Pilot Handbook. Want to travel the world? Buy a backpack. As Forte says, it’s momentum that’s important. You brain wants you to take the next step. Your pride will keep you going.

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