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In situations of war, messages of peace are usually drowned out. Out of the dire situation in Gaza comes a hopeful message. BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel has been vocalizing a message of peace for some years now with their Blood Relations campaign. This week comes another message: “We don’t want you here.” It is deliberately provocative until you realise the voices are from Palestinian and Israeli family members who have lost members of their family in the conflict. BBR have formed the “Parent Circle – Palestinian Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace” and their YouTube short film shows both sides wishing for peace and the ending of the killing and circle of war amongst the people in the region.

The film is currently the most watched and shared video on YouTube Israel and has been covered on Israeli TV, BBC and Sky News and in leading newspapers in Israel, as well as international media such as Fast Company and several communications industry blogs.

Achieving peace involves several practical steps including compromises, and the details of this are best left to politicians. Approaching peace however requires the will of people, and the BBR Saatchi film is a powerful step towards vocalizing the desire from bereaved family members from both sides of the enmity to stop the violence and see the possibilities for a better outcome.

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