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Chris Lightburn is a Cumbrian whippet and quite possibly the most dominant OCR (obstacle course racing) runner the UK has seen. At 5’7” and 11 stone, they call him The Shadow – no doubt a play on his name combining neatly with his physique! Out of 15 OCR races Chris has won 9 and hit the podium on 5 other occasions. And he’s only 20. Anyone who understands stamina sports knows competitors don’t tend to peak till their late 20s. He’s only getting started.

Chris hit my radar after he approached a friend of mine, Malcolm Thorogood (appropriately named right?), for help achieving his dream. Chris has a dream to be an international star. He’s got a winner’s spirit, knows the sport is taking off and wants to head the pack. Here’s a type who trains the house down because he’s never satisfied with what he’s already achieved. It’s all eyes ahead.

With Malcolm as his agent and mentor, Chris defended the title he has already won – the Total Warrior Super 10 race. It’s a punishing course of obstacles over two days, 10km each. In 2012 Chris beat out 2,500 competitors. Last year it was 6,000. This year, over 10,000 people entered. Everyone wanted to knock off the local lad. My money was on them chasing The Shadow and Chris delivered.

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