True creativity is an invaluable and indispensable quality that too few are lucky to possess. Even more difficult is finding the freedom to pursue your creative passions as a career. However following lifelong dreams has never been better with crowdfunding sites Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Gofundme. They have become platforms for people to springboard their dreams into reality using the generosity and support of the web. Three Kiwi projects to highlight:

Snowball Effect Created by a smart, experienced group of new generation New Zealand business movers, Snowball Effect aims to be New Zealand’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, allowing emerging New Zealand businesses to obtain funding from their most passionate supporters, customers, users, and interested members of the public. They enable people to buy shares in companies that were previously inaccessible to the public. Their vision is “a New Zealand economy, fuelled by emerging businesses, backed by everyday Kiwi investors”. This is not investment advice – but look out for what they have to present, there is a strongly emergent wave of New Zealand entrepreneurs taking on the world from the edge.

Billy and his Digger On Kickstarter. Written and illustrated by Justine Summers, this book is about a boy, his favorite toy, and the limitlessness of his imagination – a simple and charming story about the power of creativity. Five star idea from this grandfather. 27 days to reach $5K to make book production possible.

A Side of Peaches and Honey On Indiegogo. A short film written by Brooklyn/LA NZer Jackie Maw Tolliver, A Side of Peaches and Honey is inspired by true events and the little known story from the 1950’s about how two waitresses foiled a Russian mission to steal the drawings of the world’s first atomic submarine. Her last film had a similarly intriguing hook: Fleecing Led Zeppelin, about the heist of $200K from a safe deposit box in a New York hotel following their sold out Madison Square Garden concerts. Needing $8K, hurry contributions close midnight August 7.

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