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In Nice yesterday for the ESOMAR conference (the European Society for Opinion and Market Research) speaking about “Winning in the Age of Now.” Closing keynote to 1,000 of the planet’s top market researchers. Lots of warmth, fun and camaraderie. See seven minute interview here.

Released a Saatchi & Saatchi ‘Red Paper’ Brand Loyalty Reloaded. The subject of Brand Loyalty is much debated in this fast-moving digital world. Is it still relevant? What is the 2015 equilibrium between retention and acquisition? Is Brand Loyalty still achievable? If so, how? This 11,000 word ‘Red Paper’ makes the case that the economics of Brand Loyalty are as compelling as ever, and that declining loyalty levels are attributable in part to the failure to meet the rising emotional needs of consumers. In the Red Paper you will find why: Big Data needs Big Love; Emotion is the driver of sales; Loyalty is a two-way street; Creativity is a catalyst for loyalty.

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