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Prior to the American Civil War, the glorious game that is cricket had a decent foothold in the yet to be United States. It is logical really, given we English never left our beloved sport behind no matter where the ship was destined. Apparently, after a good 300 years of baseball dominance, cricket is starting to make a comeback.

The credit is largely due to the burgeoning Indian population, along with a decent splash of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and the ever-present Caribbean influence. The Atlantic reports that there is rumored to be 30 million cricket fans in the US today. It’s an official high school sport in New York City. ESPN now live streams Indian Premier League matches and has owned the Cricinfo website for some time.

We are yet to sight the beginnings of a national team, but give it five years. There is plenty of talent in the US. Combine that with a hint of bravado and natural confidence and maybe, just maybe, I will live to see an American team grace the hallowed turf at Lord’s. Nothing is impossible.

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