I’ve just been in Berlin for two packed days full of events and interviews all centred around the new Saatchi & Saatchi PRO – our first B2B agency made possible by our acquisition of the Berlin digital agency zweimaleins. We’re all family now and they gave us a great welcome.

They’re based down in the edgier part of Berlin, Neuköln, in a great space, and with a bunch of savvy people who are up for embracing the Saatchi & Saatchi Nothing is Impossible spirit.

Then we headed off to Grill Royal for a dinner with 10 Saatchi & Saatchi overachievers – old and brand new – quality meat, good wine, and good conversation. Celebrating spirit!

Next day I had a string of good interviews with Wiwo, German GQ, and a long session with Horizont.

Then the main stage at the Chamäleon Theatre for a speech to the German advertising industry. Apparently a recent survey had found advertising, as a profession, was viewed in the same light as politicians and insurance salesman in the trust stakes in Germany. No hiding from that challenge!

I delivered a speech about the role of business and the role of advertising in the world. We want to unleash Berlin’s creative spirit on the world, and I’ve set the bar high for our German agency. They can do it. After all – they just did this:

And after all of that, we squeezed in a photo shoot for German GQ too!

Thanks to Christian, Bert, Alex, Dirk and the wonderful and indispensable Heidi for a great time in Berlin. I’ll be back and I’m excited to see where we are then.

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