Move over Simon Rogan. Thank you Peter Gordon. In 2010 pre The Rugby World Cup, John Kirwan and I hosted a dinner in Peter Gordon’s New York restaurant Public for big hitters in the US business and NZ Rugby union. All Black Frank Bunce joined us in an attempt to showcase NZ for US business. A young chef name Matt Lambert prepared a delicious meal for us, and that’s the last I heard of him – until a few months ago when he was awarded a Michelin star.

His new restaurant, The Musket Room in Nolita, New York received its star only months after being open. A record in the cynical judgmental world of restaurant critics. I dropped in there last night straight after work. A Tuesday night in Nolita. Promptly bumped into Robert De Niro at 6:05pm who is a real foodie. Sat down to eat and was astonished when The Boss, Bruce Springsteen sat down opposite Robert De Niro at a different table and joined in the fun. What a tribute to a young Kiwi chef’s great cooking. A New Zealand red deer with flavors of gin was as good as it gets but couldn’t compare with my steak and cheese pie. Michelin was smart enough to deliver the celebrated star for wholesome New Zealand fayre. And when Matt came out of the kitchen he stopped off to see me first! (Of course, he knew I was going to the All Blacks game in Chicago this weekend and De Niro and The Boss were not.) He is also heading up there and was looking to get the party started.

Next time any of you are in New York, go to the Musket Room on Elizabeth Street. Name drop Springsteen and De Niro to get yourself a table!!! 🙂


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