The Gift of Gratitude

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Gratitude is an often overlooked feeling, but it is there that springs joy and happiness. One study said that the degree for which we experience gratitude can “explain more variance in life satisfaction than such traits as love, forgiveness, social intelligence, and humor”. While another claims that, “gratitude is strongly related to all aspects of well-being”. Benefits include helping us feel more hopeful and optimistic about our futures, helping us deal with stress and adversity, encourages us to exercise and can even help us sleep better.

Gratitude is about giving, and receiving. And this is applicable everywhere – even, if not especially – at work. It’s very easy to think that you need to be grateful for your friends and family, but applying gratitude to your professional life is something that often gets overlooked. Gratitude is part of RLRJ. When employers give employees responsibility, learning and recognition, everyone experiences joy. Employees return their gratitude by bringing their best to work each and every day.

It’s important that we open our eyes to things we can be grateful for. The sight of a delicious meal, catching up with faraway family on Skype, the things people have done to lift us up, the sacrifices people have made to our benefit, a cold beer on a warm day. Once we recognize our gratitude, for a person or a moment, it’s important we pay it back or forward.

As William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted inspirational writers, said, “feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”.

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