Just spent a pretty miserable few days fighting the Adenovirus – and losing!!  Doctor believes I picked it up on the Sydney – Dallas flight nine days ago.  It’s highly contagious and commonly referred to as ‘The Killer Cold’ – more information than I needed.  Characterised by violent coughing fits, phlegm on the lungs, raw throat, incessant sneezing, blocked ears and in my case, viral conjunctivitis in both eyes (my first and hopefully last experience of this little gem – think grit under your eyelids, pink or red replacing white and baby blue (!!) and seeping gunk jamming your eyelids tight).  Lovely.  No sleep, no energy, no focus, no fun.
Two things helped though.
A nursing Sister friend, Gill Belchetz told me “You will get better”.  A simple but powerful thought.  And two year old Cameron cheered me up no end.  I asked him – after a classic two year old boy’s penchant for wayward destruction – are you a good boy or a naughty boy?  He looked me straight into my (pink) eye, grinned and said “A Happy Boy”.  Lest we forget.
It’s great to be celebrating Christmas with friends and family – and recovery is under way.
Happiness Runs.

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