Holy Sh__, Sherlock!!!!!!

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Guest post from Robin Dyke, Adjunct Professor, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, on my recent sojourn to the University last week.

KR brought his heart-seeking light the past week to the MBAs and Mentors of the Gustavson School of Business in Victoria, Canada; two ‘can’t hide from’ sessions given – Winning in a High Speed World for our MBAs, Leading Leaders to Greatness for our Mentors.

For both groups an assortment of to-the-gut, unhinging questions asked with outrageous incorrectness, probed with devilish humor, enthusiasm, wisdom, and…truth – all of which freeze frame us in ‘caught naked’ astonishment. And reveled in by all; insightful, powerful, brilliant, inspirational, energy for the soul, truth our reactions to the experience of being pummeled against our ropes.

What was the mysterious reflected truth? Elementary; we are all looking for our own inspiration…AND…we are afraid of not living it! How self-evident and screwed up is that?!

It is the dream…(need he have added stupid!)

Vintage and priceless Roberts: create movements, dream with your heart, execute to be the best. Otherwise, why bother?!

Not the first but Kevin’s fourth bringing-of-light to our part of the world over the past eight years. This time departing with awarded recognition as Honorary Professor of Leadership and Innovation; a small token of appreciation for the enlightenment he casts. Yet a big deal for the University of Victoria as Kevin is the first Honorary Professor in our 50 plus years history.

Holy sh__, Professor!!!!!!

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