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Last week I jumped on board as Chairman of fast-growing home delivery service My Food Bag.

My Food Bag takes the chore out of weeknight cooking by delivering nutritious, seasonal recipes and quality, pre-measured, free-range ingredients to people’s homes each week.

As a customer-first model that delivers taste, health, inspiration, value and convenience, My Food Bag is the full package. Home-delivered grocery services such as My Food Bag will eventually become as mainstream as Amazon and iTunes because they appeal to time-poor professionals and busy families. It’s part of the rapidly-growing global just-in-time food delivery service sector, and of a wider transformational movement occurring around how food is produced and distributed that is attracting significant global investment.

My Food Bag hits the sweet spot because it recognizes people like to cook – without the hassle of assembling for all the ingredients. The company has 15,000 customers already and is expanding beyond New Zealand into Sydney and Melbourne and beyond.

I first experienced My Food Bag as a customer, ordering one of its gourmet grocery boxes during a trip to New Zealand. Then I found out one of its founders is an old mate, Theresa Gattung who was CEO of Telecom NZ and a brilliant marketer and business leader.

I know a thing or two about marketing too, and food, and I’ve led a few teams, so it’s this experience and expertise that I’ll be bringing to My Food Bag. I’m thinking more magic, more creativity and more fun to kitchens and dinner tables around New Zealand and beyond.

Part of the earthy charm of being part of the My Food Bag team is that you have to adopt middle names pertaining to a food you identify with and starting with one of your own initials. Head Chef & Dietitian is Nadia Lemongrass Lim. Group CEO is Cecilia Couscous Robinson. Theresa is Theresa Turmeric Gattung. And I am, er, Kevin Rhubarb Roberts.

It has huge potential and I’m stoked to be part of the My Food Bag crew. Check it out at

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