Am in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Lucerne Switzerland, speaking at the World Tourism Forum. Spring has sprung. The skies are cloudless, the lake clear and the Cherry Blossom is in full swing.

Had the best dinner of 2015 so far last night at Focus, in Vitznau. 45 minutes from Lucerne. Sat in the kitchen at The Chef’s Table and watched a 34 year old Swiss genius, Nenad Mlinarevic, make magic. Harmonising all local ingredients from beetroot to rhubarb, dandelion honey to iced walnut mustard and carrots from their own gardens, with trout from the neighboring village. A 2 Star Michelin with over $25 million of amazing wines in the cellars, the best lakeside view imaginable, experts in the fine arts of wine, food and service (Kuba, Michael, Marian and Alex) and a Chef heading for Global Stardom. Focus (at The Park Hotel) is worth a detour from Zurich or wherever you are in Central Switzerland. ‘Living Well is The Best Revenge’. And Nenads ‘Focus’ on local original ingredients combined imaginatively and innovatively is poetry in motion.

And to cap it all, he cancelled our taxi and drove us the 45 minute trek home, personally. In his Brand Ambassador Maserati Quattroporte. Now that’s the New Tourism!!!


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