I’m honoured to have been a part of UVic’s inaugural World Gustavson Day celebrating the school’s 25th birthday celebrations with the school’s alumni.

Events were held in Victoria, Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Calgary, Toronto, San Jose, New York and Shanghai, with all participants tuning in for a live webcast from New York.

Here are 10 things I shared:

  1. Winning is a mind-set, be committed to making things happen.
  2. We live in the age of the idea, it is the currency of our millennium.
  3. Ideas are the most fragile thing in the world, people will kill ideas easily and be the abominable no-man.
  4. Be a radical optimist. Believe in your ABCs: Ambition, Belief, Courage.
  5. Get yourself fired up for something bigger than yourself, have a dream, make sure it is a BIG dream!  Reach for the stars, it needs to be a dream that turns you on and makes you happy.
  6. Avoid moderation at all costs, live the best life you can.
  7. Find a company that delivers 4 things in equal parts: Responsibility, Learning, Recognition, Joy.
  8. The winning equation: IQ + EQ + TQ + BQ powered by CQ.
  9. Build a culture where you are getting lots and lots of ideas out there fast.
  10. Think like a three year, act like a three year and your creativity will rip.
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