Effective Executives Turn Out for Drucker

Come early November, it’s Vienna for me. My speaking agent Danny Stern has re-plugged me into the world of Peter Drucker and the seventh annual Global Drucker Forum held November 5-6 in Vienna with the theme “Creativity, Intuition, and the Algorithm,” subtitled  “Claiming Our Humanity: Managing in the Digital Age”.

Convened by the estimable Richard Straub, it’s a cross between Davos and TED though I am sure it will be altogether because it has the mantle of Peter Drucker looking over it. And the Viennese do style and efficiency wrapped together.

I’m on the roster and will be on my best behaviour because companions include:

Sherry Turkle, Director of MIT Initiative on Technology and Self
Charles Handy, Social philosopher
Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption Is Changing The Way We Live
Tammy Erickson, Adjunct Professor at the London Business School
Robin Chase, founder and former CEO of Zipcar
Adi Ignatius, Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Business Review

Why my deep attachment to this intellectual titan? As I explained in earlier posts, Drucker’s thinking became embedded in my own managerial philosophy since I read his book The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done while working in London in the late 1960s. Looking ahead to the Forum, here are four Druckerisms to muse over, tweet, post above your office computer, and use to jumpstart your own thinking and inspire your staff:

  • Effectiveness is a habit, a complex of practices. Practices can be learned.
  • Time is the scarcest resource; unless it is managed, nothing can be managed.
  • Knowledge workers do not produce a “thing.” They produce ideas, information, concepts.
  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

See you in Vienna. Permission to misbehave required….

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