Cooking for one doesn’t have to mean eggs on toast. Nor does it have to mean cooking something and eating it for five days straight. Nor does it have to mean the old ‘what am I going to have for dinner tonight’ chestnut, whiling away precious minutes of the day, trawling the aisles of the supermarket for inspiration. (Of course, it’s not only solo diners who suffer from this!)

I’m Chairman of My Food Bag recently we launched My Own Food Bag. It’s My Food Bag for one. Good news for one-person households, which are projected to be the fastest-growing household type, estimated to account for almost one-third of all households by 2031.

The My Own Food Bag meal options are full of seasonal quality ingredients for the single diner to cook at home, including four quick and delicious recipes to feed one adult for three nights, and to feed two adults for one night, opening the door to a weekly visitor, or a guest appearance at the dinner table, or tasty leftovers for lunch the following day. I like it.

My Food Bag now offers six different weekly food packages that cater to different households and real people and what they want and need. They worry about what you’re having for dinner, so that you don’t have to. If you’re worried about what someone else is having for dinner, My Food Bag can help them too.

The idiom ‘hit the nail on the head’ doesn’t need a lot of explanation. I think it fits the bill for My Food Bag.

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