A VUCA World – Part Two

While the North-West of England was being battered by natural causes, innocent Americans were again being battered by human extremism.  14 people killed in San Bernadino was just another example of pathetically weak political leadership.  Coming on top of gun crimes in Colorado, Oregon, Virginia and many other places in the US, it is time for the clown circus (aka the current US presidential candidates race) to gather round one issue, one common cause.

The US has to bite the bullet (pardon the pun) and amend the infamous Second Amendment.  Even my radical optimism does not allow me to believe that they should ban guns altogether, but they need to regulate them much more and immediately.  All America’s politicians should gather round and ban these guns and ammunition that are designed for no other purpose but to kill people in times of war and strife.

The US needs to act now and ban these slightly modified combat rifles for civilian ownership.  This is not the total answer and loopholes will always exist, but in a VUCA world this would be one huge step for mankind.

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