If you could choose just five favorite things in life, what would they be? That was the challenge put to me by the very talented designer and typography artist, Paul McNally, who’s currently earning a Master’s degree in Multidisciplinary Designs at the University of Ulster, Belfast.

Paul’s MFA project is Five Things, a website and book that form “an archive of information and stories about humans and the things that we love.” Among the very cool, interesting, and diverse people Paul has tapped for Five Things are: author and musician JB Morrison; founder Jaime Derringer; photographer Dan Rubin; iconic British New Wave band Madness bass player Mark Bedford; branding specialist and designer Debbie Millman; Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn, and many other talented people. My five things?

  1. Grand-kids: God’s Reward!
  2. Castiglion del Bosco: Ferragamo luxury, a down-to-earth, authentic Tuscan masterpiece for all five senses.
  3. Booths Supermarkets: The Taste of the North.  For foodies, me and you.
  4. Watching the All Blacks: No opposition is more intimidating than the legacy.
  5. Friends from Childhood: Benny, Brian, Eric, Barry – you can’t make Old Friends.

Everyone is invited to submit their Five Things to the project by using this form. A Kickstarter campaign, launched in mid-November and closing on December 12, will help fund the publication of limited-edition Five Things books and a range of high-end typographically-led products inspired by the website that will be shared with contributors. With Thanksgiving upon us, think hard about those things that make our terrestrial turn worth taking, and consider sending some dollars or pounds to Kickstarter to support this lovely and worthy project.

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