Most of the movie output now is lazy.  Franchise roll-outs (time for Bond to retire), spin-offs, prequels, sequels and Marvel comic adaptations.  Why?  All the top talent are now producing, directing, writing and acting in TV series on cable, satellite networks and Amazon.  Why cram everything superficially into two hours (unless you are the genius Tarantino), when you can take 7 series of 10 shows of 50 minutes to develop plots, sub-plots and characters.

I’m traveling through Asia at the moment and am bingeing on these shows on the endless flights.  So far this year I’ve been enjoying:

  1. Mr. Robot
  2. Better Call Saul, Series 2
  3. Fargo, Series 2
  4. The Jinx
  5. The Fall
  6. The Blacklist, Series 3
  7. Blindspot
  8. Banshee
  9. The Americans
  10. Billions

And I can’t wait for Quentin to finish his movies and get into this genre.


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