First We Say Sorry

I haven’t posted in April – have been contemplating whether to continue the blog, or whether it’s time to move on.

We continue.

But first we say sorry – properly.

The 13th most famous quote is Love Story’s “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”. I couldn’t disagree more. I’m more in Ryan O’Neal’s own deadpan riposte to Barbra Streisand two years later “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard”.

In life – and in business – I’m more with Bernie Taupin “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”.

A study by Roy Lewicki at Ohio State has come up with a six step checklist designed to help you and your ‘victim’ regroup and move on:

  • Acknowledge your responsibility
  • Offer amends
  • Express regret
  • Explain what went wrong
  • Declare repentance
  • Ask for forgiveness.

So, say sorry, explain what went wrong, take responsibility, commit to never making the same mistake again, make amends and ask for forgiveness.

Whilst holding eye contact, speaking caringly and looking for a physical signal to accelerate the healing.

You may have to bear a vent – then repeat the steps.


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