Meet The Nowhere Man

It takes a lot of time to establish a continuing character kind of fictional hero. One who you feel you know, one you’d like to have a beer with, one you’d trust your life to. Over the past decade or more, I’ve kept company with Gabriel Allon and Jack Reacher – both of whom have new books – The Black Widow coming on July 12, and Night School due November 16. Now there may be a newcomer surfacing.

Brother-in-law Colin introduced me to The Nowhere Man. Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X – a creation of Gregg Hurwitz.

A good man who follows 10 Commandments:

  1. Demand ironclad proof
  2. Master your surroundings
  3. Never make it personal
  4. Question orders
  5. One mission at a time
  6. Always play offense
  7. Never let an innocent die

Let’s see how he develops – and what the other three commandments are.

Image attribute/source: / Gregg Hurwitz /

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