“Before 70 we are merely respected, at best, and we have to behave all the time but after 70 we are respected, esteemed, admired, revered, and don’t have to behave unless we want to”… so said Mark Twain. Thanks to Lennon and McCartney, 70 has now become 64… (another reason why 64 Shots) so permission to misbehave is granted.

Hillary Clinton (68) and Bernie Sanders (74) are living the dream. Imagine if they were in the same Democratic ticket… a combined 142 years leading the Free World. Rebel all you millennials… and quickly please!!! People younger than 35 are too young to be legally elected President (an ageist prejudice in reverse) and it looks as though people between the ages of 35 and 63 are “in betweeners”, too young to misbehave, and too old to excite.

We’re left with the over 64’s… So much for Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey’s ‘My Generation’.


P.s How old is the Donald?

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