REMO is back for this third act. From Bondi. If you were wandering up Oxford St in Sydney in the late 80s and 90s, when Oxford St was the most interesting part of Sydney (remember Kinselas when it was running hot at the cabaret), REMO was a compulsory stop. Remo Guiffire was/is one of the world’s eclectic retailers and his store was a treasure trove of interesting stuff, from t-shirts and badges to diaries, calendars, books, cards, gadgets, thoughtful gifts and just simply fun and joyful stuff. Remo was in The Lovemarks Effect book because he so clearly understood Loyalty Beyond Reason. Remo is a thinker, creative leader and senior TEDster with a record as an entrepreneur, retail merchant and brand builder. “Over the years I have done a great deal of thinking about experiences, brands and people; and what it takes to engage and create desire.” REMO spells the last four letters of customer…backwards…that’s Remo for you.

Image attribute/source: / / Remo Giuffre

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