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A great couple of weeks (speaking to a conference in Dubai, teaching at the American University there and a birthday celebration at my favourite restaurant in the world – The Waterside Inn in Bray) came to a painful end as I was diagnosed with a major onslaught of Shingles. 

Constant pain, heightened by shots/stabs of extreme pain – like being jabbed with shards of glass, preceded a painful rash breakout across my lower back, and then a second breakout round my thigh/groin. Ugly. One in four people suffer from Shingles, it’s a nerve virus caused by the remnants of the chickenpox virus we had as kids suddenly re-activating itself. The rash lasts 2-4 weeks, the pain can last much longer. There’s a vaccine now which can prevent a serious Shingles outbreak. I’m having one. Too late for this attack but should help prevent a follow up. I recommend you check this out…at your age it’s a real threat. 


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