Manchester is the nearest big city to my Grasmere hideaway. It’s home to my beloved Manchester City and to Lancashire County Cricket Club. The Red Rose County where I was born.

And it’s under attack from two ex Manchester United footballers, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville who, backed by Singaporean and Chinese interests want to build two dung coloured towers of 31 and 21 storeys height, right behind the glorious gothic Grade I listed Town Hall. Two ‘big pointy shiny erections’ full of luxury penthouses, a fancy hotel, flashy bars – towers for Footballers WAGs.

And this £200 million development will lay waste to a police station, a synagogue and a great pub –The Sir Ralph Abercromby, the only remaining building that witnessed the 1819 Peterloo Massacre – a piece of Manchester history that should never be erased.

I hear Manchester’s planning committee will bless this abomination – although 7,000 Mancunians have signed a petition of protest.

A conservation area of local history desecrated.


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