Victoria Canada – Ever Edging Towards Lovability

My friend Robin Dyke, poet, mentor and change agent, ran his west coast Canadian hometown through the 10 attributes of what makes a Lovemark city, outlined in my post a few weeks ago. Here’s what he came up with. Having been to Victoria many times,the city gets my endorsement.
KR’s “Lovemark Cities” post had me wondering, how does my hometown, Victoria Canada measure up? On its surface, Victoria has long favored a lovable attraction as the most English-tasting bit of all Canada. So artist and writer Emily Carr, our quaint city’s most famous resident, described the Crown Colony of her childhood. This more English than the English ambiance has perpetrated Victoria’s image since the late 1800’s – high tea at the very English Empress Hotel being the number one visitor attraction for decades.

Today tourism still reigns as primary economic driver yet like the monarchy the purpose it is serving is increasingly questioned. Where’s the vision? Wherein lies our diversity and distinctive edge? The answers are blown about with no coherence to a whole amongst thirteen surrounding and squabbling municipalities. Our lovability and our future left to reaction, as in open allowance to more cruise boat visits.

How far from great and Lovemark city is Victoria? Using KR’s 10-point size up let me score the ways:

Mobility…walk-able, bike paths galore, drop-in by heli-jet or float plane, face grid lock in/out by auto, bridges r not us.

Cultural Joy…predictable as a Tourism Victoria brochure. 2nd Cousin to mainland Vancouver’s vibrant arts

Connectivity…devise distracted pedestrians and drivers attest.

The Food…the outstanding lies not in our Michelin stars but in our food truck fish and chips

The Sea…splendid harbour anchored by wide sweeps of sea and sky

The People…friendly, multicultural, aspiring entrepreneurial. Best Canadian city to be a career woman ranking

The Sport… ’94 Commonwealth Games the last Hurrah! Climate friendly all year sport and wilderness activity for kids and adults

The Music… tourist savvy street performers and fading acts that tour offbeat towns.

The History…a rich heritage of last century details. Comfort with the status present. What future? That’s the rub!

The Grit…at ease in un-gritted comfort.

All adding up to a liveable journey of modest ambition – yet so lacking in lovability imagination and appreciation of the advantage and potential of the edge of geography we inhabit. Becoming irresistible beyond reason to resident or visitor – knock! knock! Deep connection to our edge is calling.

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