A New Year – a new set of lists

As you know I love a list – and in the time honoured tradition I’ve made my resolutions for the New Year.  They are self-explanatory I think – any questions / comments, fire away.
1)  Stay fit and healthy.  (Have been on the 16.8 regime for seven months.  I love it.  It’s not a diet, it’s a life change.  A great way of living – energising, focused, effective, and metabolically sound.  No pain.  Oh, and I lost 5kg.)
2)  Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast.  After almost 40 years in corporate life, my last 18 months as an independent entrepreneur, investor and consultant have completely re-energised me.  Lots of mistakes, new learnings, new challenges and personal growth.  I wish I’d have made the change a decade ago – but no regrets.  I’ll make the most of the next decade by following Tom Peters’ FF, LF, FF mantra.
3)  Make Happy Choices.  Don’t let life control you.  You are responsible for your own destiny, for your own happiness.  Be proactive.  Decisive.  Assess.  Decide.  Execute.  Choose.  And Follow Your Heart.  If you’re happy, you’ll inevitably make those around you happy.
4)  Build a lifetime partnership.  Trudy and I married in July.  A beautiful day.  Now I commit to work at making every day beautiful.
5)  Fight impatience, anger and the blues.  Enough said.
6)  Make time for Family, Friends and Me.  We had six grandchildren (plus the Bump), five children (and their partners) and two cousins for Christmas and New Year at our home in Carefree, Arizona.  Priceless memories created.
7)  Live Life Slow.  Don’t do less, but do everything more intensely and deeply.  No multi-tasking.  No regrets.  No guilt.  No navel-gazing.  No worrying.  Live life, Love life.  Live purposefully and mindfully in the moment.  Make every hour count.
Happy New Year.

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