Founding partner and Chief Brand Officer of WeWork, wife of Adam and mother of five young children Rebekah Neumann, couldn’t find a school for first graders she felt would nurture her daughter’s growth, spirit and mind.
She said “These children are all natural entrepreneurs, natural humanitarians and then we squash it all out of them in the education system”.
So instead of compromising, she did what all true entrepreneurs do when faced with a big problem; turned it into an opportunity, figured out a business plan and founded a start-up.
A micro-school pilot in New York City for children aged 5 – 8.
A school designed to create a culture of kindness, conscious entrepreneurship and a connection to nature.  The opposite of the current school system which was created during the Industrial Revolution so that people would know how to follow process, and take orders on the assembly line.
WeGrow’s curriculum includes mindfulness, meditation, yoga, farming, farm-to-table cooking and students learn reading, math and science through working on the farm, coming in to WeWork and running their own farm stand.
Once the pilot programme is completed, the first official WeGrow will open in WeWork’s Chelsea, NYC offices.  The idea is that WeWork’s community of Creatives and Entrepreneurs will help WeGrow students cultivate their passions.
I wish I was 5 again.

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