I was recently holed up for the weekend in Santa Monica in between sessions with Fremantle leaders in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Out for my ritual, early morning bike rides along the beach tracks from the Pier to Venice Beach and then back to The Palisades (around nine miles) and am staggered by the latest LA innovation – The Bird.
Alongside the bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, Nikes, and the oddities of Venice Beach, welcome Santa Monica’s latest mode of community transport.  The Bird.
An electric scooter.
·       Download the app.
·       Find a Bird – they’re everywhere.
·       Ride it (top speed 15mph).
·       Drop it off.
·       Pay for it ($1.00 – 15¢ / minute).
You gotta love all this innovation.
Community.  Connected.  Creative.

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