A Celebration of Friendship (Part IV)

Good friend and rugby comrade-in-arms Bob Latham of the great state of Texas just finished Robin’s 64 Spurs as the typhoon hit his Tokyo hotel room.  He reminded me of Robin’s poem Friends:

         Friends are chosen

         Some choose you

         But not too many

         True friends are few!


Here’s the rest of the poem.


         Some you made

         When you were small

         Some more recent

         Crossed paths called


         Friends are special

         Bonds so blessed

         How you connected

         Gods need not guess


         Friends are steady

         They are true blue

         No hesitation

         They see you through


         Some may call

         Just in case

         Somehow they sense

         You’re in troubled space


         Friends make time

         Give heart and soul

         No quid pro quo

         Need they hold


         Some don’t call

         Still you’re in sync

         You pick things up

         You link the strength


         Friends challenge

         What you do

         They expect

         Your best from you


         Friends are forgiving

         Always there

         When you’re an a-hole

         They’re still there


         Friends need attention

         Friends need your care

         Their hopes and fears

         Are yours to share


         As a friend

         You too must be

         All and more

         Yours are to you.  


Good on ya’ both.

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