Foodie Friday – Brown Food is back

I’m up to here with avocado, pomegranates, kale, quinoa and all that politically correct Instagram whole food.
Hillary Rose just wrote a great article in The Times in favour of Brown Food.
What beats good looking comfort food really?
Nigella Lawson has launched a new cook book containing ‘a loving defense of brown food’.
Cora Pearl a great London restaurant specialises in brown food – posh ham ‘n cheese toasties, brown beef with brown veggies and gravy.
Yes it doesn’t look great on Instagram but it sure tastes great especially when it’s cold, raining, stressful, and Coronavirus is everywhere!
Forget the tuna tartare; bring on the chicken soup and liver and onions.
Chefs know this.
  • Diana Henry loves Irish stew, beef pie and beef bourguignon
  • Nathan Outlaw at Siren loves Toad-in-the-hole
  • Giorgio Locatelli loves Chestnut tagliatelle with wild mushrooms (locanda locatelli)
  • Grizzi Erskine loves Toulouse sausages (garlic & salt!) and braised lentils (St Martins Hotel)
  • Tom Aikens of Muse is another Toad-in-the-hole (sausages not toads!!
  • Tom Boston at the Dorchester is a Chilli con carne fan
Last week Trudy barbecued burgers and merguez outside and paired them with barbecued beans.  Cowboy Food in the Desert – Tonight We Ride.

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