The Institute of Employment Studies released today a survey of people working from home amidst lockdown.
·        50% were feeling new pains in their neck, shoulders and back.
·        Around 50% are exercising less.
·        33% are eating less healthily.
·        The majority are worrying more – and sleeping less.
·        20% are drinking more alcohol.
·        50% are working long, irregular hours and are unhappy with their work life balance – or as we should say – integration.
·        33% frequently suffer from a feeling of isolation.
·        25% are worried about job security.
HR Directors will be worrying about their colleagues where the physical and mental wellbeing of their people has become even more important than before.  And even more challenging.  As they search for new initiatives the onus falls on the individual themselves.  We are ultimately responsible for our own wellbeing and our own destiny.
We all must focus on ourselves – and our Family – during these challenging times.
Job No. 1 is to keep ourselves match-fit and healthy.  Then we can help others.
I’ll be sharing some ideas from the New Zealand Institute of Wellness & Resilience over the next few days, but in the meantime we all need to focus and commit to a Healthy Choice Plan for ourselves and our families.
Simply put, we must:
·        Exercise more
·        Reduce our worrying (focus on what we can control)
·        Drink less alcohol
·        Work regular hours
·        Practice ‘screen’ discipline (more on this to follow)
·        Practice disciplined sleep habits
·        Make time for happy moments.

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