I wrote earlier in my “Is This You?” blog about practicing ‘screen’ discipline – now that many of us are learning to live, communicate and work on screens during these strange times.  We truly have become ‘Screenagers’.
A leading optometrist, Dhruvin Patel, is a specialist on blue light – the light produced by phone and computer screens.  Extended exposure to blue light makes it harder to fall asleep and often damages eyesight.
Here are six tips from Mr Patel:
1)     Work at arm’s length from your screen – most people work too close and put more stress on their eyeballs.
2)     20/20/20.
Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen for 20 seconds, from at least 20 feet away.  (Why not wash your hands and sing Happy Birthday?!!)
3)     The screen should be placed higher than your watching level – not lower as it is many times – the mid-point of the screen should be six inches below the straight line of your vision.
4)     Avoid glare from overhead light or windows.
5)     Put a post-it note on your screen – BLINK.  Normally we blink 20 times/minute.  While on screens we reduce to 3 times – the eye dries up.
6)     Switch off.  No screens after sunset is a good goal.  Read a book instead.

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