Last year a foolish monk. This year, no change.

Quotes from a NY Times interview with clinical psychologist Jack Kornfield.
“Epidemics are a part of the cycle of life on this planet.  The choice is how we respond.  With greed and hatred and fear and ignorance?  Or with generosity, clarity, steadiness and love?”
“A line from a Japanese Zen poet ‘Last year, a foolish monk.  This year, no change’.”
(KR: So go easy on yourself.  We are only human.  Take a breath.  Turn away.  Take 10 seconds to refocus on the present.  You’re OK.)
“I’m just trying to protect myself and others the best I can, and they are doing the best they can.”
(KR: Don’t be judgemental.)
“In Zen, they say there are only two things: You sit, and you sweep the garden.”
(KR: Maybe there are three – Survive / Revive / Thrive.)
“When you live in speculative thoughts — “How long is it going to last?” … how does that make you feel? … You can either spend your time worrying, which … doesn’t actually help, or you can say: “I don’t know how long it will be, but let me do the most magnificent work I can do. … Let me be there for my wife and children. Let me live in this life fully.”
(KR: One day at a time.)
Thank you:
–        Robin, for sending me the article,
–        David Marchese, for asking the questions, and
–        Jack Kornfield, for his wisdom.

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