On March 22 2019, I wrote about Happiness.  I was travelling the world.  A gypsy flâneur.
On March 22 2020 I was bunkered down in Carefree, Arizona living the most bizarre of Covid-19 driven lives.
Hopefully on March 22 2021 we’ll be travelling again and facing the Recession with Hope and Optimism, vaccinated against the evil virus.
Here’s the blog I wrote last March.
The Happiness Formula
In the Year of the Pig (“Happy as a pig in xxxx” springs to mind), I’m moving on from my Brexit rant as promised.  There’s a movement sweeping the globe – from academic institutions, management consultants, think-tanks and media commentators – The Happiness Movement.  Of course all these people are obsessed with counting it, measuring it, and developing metrics and league tables for it – which takes away some of the Happiness as far as I’m concerned.
Maybe you’ve already seen where your nation, town, company ranks in its particular league table or maybe you haven’t.  Either way, this isn’t about measuring Happiness.  It’s about doing it.
Some tips to make you happier:
·       Spend more time with Family, friends and most importantly on You.
·       Live Life Slow.  Live in the now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.  Focus on living in the moment.
·       Live Life, Love Life.  Be grateful for what you’ve got, not what you’ve not.
·       Finish work early – and don’t tell anyone.  Nip out at 1pm Wednesday for a decadent lunch with friends – and don’t think about work.
·       Wear trainers every day for work and play.
·       Listen to The Beatles – their early, happy-go-lucky stuff – Sgt Pepper and before.
·       Write something physically with a pen – a letter, a poem, a song, a blog.
·       Go somewhere new.
·       Give someone you care for something they’d never have bought themselves.
·       Go for a solo walk by the sea, or in the woods – off season.
·       Binge on an entire series of your favourite guilty pleasure TV show.
·       Watch Guardiola’s Manchester City at The Etihad.
·       Laugh out loud.

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