I was a teenager in the 60’s – impressionable, rebellious, principled, anti-war, anti-big-government, pro peace, pro freedom, pro equality, a believer in doing what you think is right and a big believer that you are responsible for your own destiny and for your own happiness.


In 2020 – amidst this toxic environment of political ineptitude, rampant nationalism, violence and racism – I remain pretty much of the same mind -although not so impressionable!!


Music and poetry have been a big part of my life – with language being a lifelong passion.  Revolution begins with language – and here are 20 songs that meant a lot to me in the 60’s – and still do today – songs of protest, of anger, of fight, of oppression, of inequality, of rage, and yes – of love, hope and optimism.


A reminder that we should all Stand Up and Fight.


A Playlist of Protest:

The Eve of Destruction                           Barry McGuire

It’s Good News Week                             Hedgehoppers Anonymous

Big Yellow Taxi                                      Joni Mitchell

Little Boxes                                           Pete Seeger

We Shall Overcome                                Joan Baez

Blowin’ in the Wind                                Bob Dylan

The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll      Bob Dylan

I Ain’t Marching Anymore                       Phil Ochs

Fortunate Son                                       C.C.R.

The Times They Are A-Changin’               Bob Dylan

Universal Soldier                                   Buffy Sainte-Marie

Only A Pawn In Their Game                    Bob Dylan

A Change Is Gonna Come                       Sam Cooke

Mississippi Goddam                                Nina Simone

Give Peace A Chance                              John Lennon

Freedom                                               Richie Havens

Everyday People                                    Sly & The Family Stone

For What It’s Worth                               Buffalo Springfield

Respect                                                Aretha Franklin

… and one from The Boss in 2001 – America Skin


Let Freedom Ring!



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