10 Learnings from March 15 to August 15.


·            Forget the new normal.  Welcome to the New Abnormal.

·            There will be no going back to work.  We have to find a New Way Forward.  (Progressive not Disruptive; we’ve had enough disruption lately!)

·            We must not waste the crisis.  We must reinvent work/life integration.

·            We are SURVIVING.  It is time to REVIVE and THRIVE.

·            We must re-invent the office.

·            Delivering more with less will be fundamental to REVIVING.

·            Connecting, Collaborating and Communicating will become critical Leadership skills.

·            Inspiring our people to Perform at Peak will be challenging in a hybrid world.

·            We must create a new way of leading which is both CARING and DEMANDING.

·            The New Way Forward will begin with a total commitment to knowing what to do (live our Purpose), followed by inventing new approaches on howto do it.



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