Desert Dreaming – Day 180

I arrived on March 15 from the UK, Trudy two days later from New Jersey.


We decided our home, Desert Dream in Carefree Arizona, was the best place to ride out Covid-19 given its remote, secure location, superb climate, access to safe outdoor exercise, proximity of essential medical, food and takeaway dining options, brilliant time zone access to the Americas, Europe and Australasia and excellent communications/technology networks.


It has proven to be the right decision and today we were talking about what we had done during this unprecedented length of time in one place.


We have tried not to waste the crisis and have kept active – emotionally and physically.


We have:

      Started work on a new guest house for the property (La Casita).

      Started work on an outdoor, rooftop bar (Tonto’s) – overlooking the desert.

      Extended our Western/Mexican art collection with some original Tom Russell paintings, two vintage Billy Schenck’s of Western Pop Art, two original Rocio Navarro’s from the Saatchi gallery and more Lone Ranger vintage memorabilia.

      Built two desert bird sanctuaries (Mexican bird bath, birdfeeders, treat bells) in the courtyard and out back in the desert.

      Created two new Peak Performance programmes focusing on The New Way Forward which we run four/five times per week with global clients.

      Rewritten my Personal Purpose to focus on Survive – Revive – Thrive with Family and Friends – as well as work.

      Trudy has become a Masterchef, creating delicious dishes from around the world (Scampi Milanese, Moroccan Chicken, Shepherds Pie, Fettucine Alfredo, Paella, Vitello Tonnato, Veal Scallopini, Fegato Veneziana), as well as making her own ice-cream (grazie Smeg) and her own French/Cottage Fries.

      And we’re both looking forward and planning for a brilliant 2021 – once the World Reopens.


Hope you’re all staying safe, keeping busy and dreaming big.



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