“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the Future.”

(Yogi Berra)


Nine months ago, who would have thought there would be global/national shortages of elastic, garden chairs, pasta machines and jigsaws?


Louise Eccles wrote a great article in The Sunday Times looking back at a year of shortages, stockpiling and human ingenuity – when bread was in short supply we got baking, when exercise was restricted we bought trampolines (!!) – and bouncy castles – and Home Brewing went through the roof!!


Department store chain John Lewis in the UK revealed the Pandemic trends of 2020.



Freezers up +177% as panicked shoppers stockpiled groceries (and landline sales were up 80% as workers bought equipment for their new home office).



Loaf tins up 303% as homes were filled with the smell of freshly baked banana bread, sourdough and soda bread.



Loungewear and leggings up 1,103% – waist up dressing and dress down Blursdays became the norm.  You know who you are!!



Sewing machines up 203% – make your own face masks – if you could get hold of the aforementioned elastic.



Picnic rugs up 900% – eating in the park and on the local beach.



Paddling pools up 970% – children going crazy at home (you too!) – get them into the garden.



Christmas trees up 233% – early Christmas shopping to lift the spirit – ornaments, cards through the roof (did you receive and send more cards than since the ‘good old days’ this year?).



Jigsaws up 708% – what else can you do after you’ve binged everything in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew on Netflix?



Patio heaters and fire pits +2,007% – lockdowns abound – back into the garden – barbecues and pizza ovens also all a go.



Board games +83% – Monopoly for Millennials! – with vegan bistros and meditation retreats now on the board.


So – you were not alone!



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