Hit Play on Kindness, Respect and Generosity

I’ve been a fan/subscriber to Tyler Brûlé’s magazines for 20 years or so (Wallpaper, Monocle and his latest Konfekt).  I love his optimism, aesthetic and curiosity.


In the February Monocle, deputy editor Josh Fehnert wrote a great couple of pages on Digital Decency.  A manifesto to bring back humanity, humility and humour (the three Hums) to our on-line selves.  His 10 point plea can be summarised as:

·       Have some Perspective

·       Have Heart

·       Forgive and Forget

·       Learn some Humility

·       Don’t Overshare (part 1)

·       Watch your Tone

·       Don’t Overshare (part 2)

·       Be Humane

·       Ask Permission

·       Seek out both sides of the Argument


Technology is everywhere and rules our world.  It has become a weapon of Mass Distraction – and in some cases, Mass Destruction!


The costs to our mental health, wellbeing and stress levels can be high.


So, let’s all be a little kinder, a little more caring, a little more thoughtful and a lot less aggressive on-line.


I’d recommend you read Josh’s article in Monocle, issue no 140 (February 2021).



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