Now that the world is beginning to re-open I think it’s time to revive Foodie Fridays – one of the most commented upon reader features.

The first post is inspired by ‘Back to the Future’.  On April 10 2020, we posted a take-out recipe Master Arizonan Chef Kevin Binkley prepared for us as we started our Desert Dream isolation (KR Connect April 10, 2020).


Kevin and his team became our biggest source of inspiration over the next 12 months, sending us the most inventive, tasty delights every weekend as we sat out the Pandemic.  Staying safe ‘n sane was helped enormously by our Weekend Culinary Treat.


Last Friday we finally made it back to Binkleys – the restaurant (socially distanced and masked of course) was buzzing, the Team were intact and in form (Amy and Christian in particular looked great – oops, and so did the Chef of course), and Amy’s bespoke wine pairing was deliciously decadent.


The food has never tasted better.  A thrill – check out all the reviews on Trip Advisor etc – up there with the best of the best in the US.


Creativity, innovation, imagination coupled with health and safety – and expressed in a wonderfully authentic setting.  No airs ‘n graces, just story-sharing, best local ingredients, glocal fusion and good times.


Feels so good eating out again.



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