31 months ago I saluted The Boss on Broadway (December 19, 2018) as he closed his 2½ hour show on Broadway.


In the mayhem we are still living through, The Boss is back.  He led the way and re-opened Broadway with an updated version of his 2½ hour masterpiece.


Open only to vaccinated fans, the St James Theatre was packed – after a vaccine proof / ID check, we were in.  Side by side, shoulder to shoulder with unmasked, undistanced neighbours – and it was glorious.  Free.  Fun.  And for 2½ hours we were mesmerised.


We flew in from Arizona, our nearest neighbours on one side were in from Michigan, on the other side from Louisiana – just for live music, live Bruce.


And did Bruce deliver!  The greatest storytelling I’ve ever seen – written, produced and directed by The Boss himself; a guitar, a harmonica, a piano, and a microphone (and a couple of songs with wife Patti Scialfa) – he took us through his/our lives and his/our futures.


As Delta ravages the US, and some stubborn, selfish retards remain unvaccinated, Bruce reminded all of us of the power of truth, Freedom and our tribe.  Let Freedom Ring.  No Surrender.



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